Mismanagement of Diabetes

Our Client had a history of poorly controlled diabetes stretching back to 1990. In 2010 the client attended Hospital, was admitted and diagnosed with an infected diabetic foot ulcer with cellulitis. The client then collapsed as the client’s knee gave way. The client developed septic shock and was admitted to ITU with respiratory arrest, subsequent to which the client developed renal failure. Spinal cord syndrome was diagnosed and a series of lumbar punctures and scans followed. The client then suffered a detached retina and haemorrhage. Our client was subsequently diagnosed with extensive peripheral vascular disease. At this point the ulcers were deep and infected. Subsequently the client was found to have multiple foci of osteomyelitis in the right foot and had to undergo an above knee amputation.

Our client made several allegations relating to breach of duty, in particular a failure to administer the appropriate antibiotics, an ongoing failure to properly monitor and manage the condition, and in particular, the failure to continue antibiotic therapy for a sufficient period to eradicate the Claimant’s deep-seated infection. Settlement was agreed at a Joint Settlement Meeting shortly before Trial for £400,000.

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Robert Rose

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