Chromium and its compounds form a large group of chemicals. The hazard to health of these chemicals depends upon the chemical form of the chromium encountered. The various forms of chromium include:

  • chromium (0)
  • chromium (II)
  • chromium (III)
  • chromium (IV)
  • chromium (VI)

Of all the above forms chromium (VI) can have the most negative effect upon an individual’s health. Chromium (VI) is used and found in many products and processes such as:

  • anodising / electroplating
  • catalysts in the chemical manufacturing industry
  • the production, welding, cutting and use of stainless steel and other chromium alloys
  • used in leather tanning agents
  • pigments for painting and pottery
  • production of dyes

If chromium (VI) is inhaled, swallowed or absorbed through the skin it can be incredibly hazardous for the individual and result in chromium poisoning and therefore potentially a chromium poisoning compensation claim.

Employers are under a duty to assess the risks and take precautions to prevent exposure to chromium, or where prevention is not possible to adequately control exposure to the employees by ensuring appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as extraction equipment and washing facilities are provided.

Poisoning by chromium is a prescribed disease in the UK and may entitle you to ‘Industrial Industries Disablement Benefit’.

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