Industrial or occupational dermatitis is a common work related disease, and is caused by an individual being exposed to a hazardous substance in the workplace.

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Industrial dermatitis or occupational dermatitis FAQs

We understand many people may have questions surrounding both occupational or industrial dermatitis, and what their options are regarding legal action. As such, we have answered some common FAQs below.

What types of dermatitis are there?

There are two types of work related contact dermatitis, irritant dermatitis and allergic dermatitis:

Irritant dermatitis

Irritant dermatitis can be caused by a physical or chemical substance that damages the cells in the skin, making it more vulnerable to other hazards such as bacteria and chemicals. Symptoms stop when there is no longer contact with the substance that was the cause of the irritation.

Common workplace substances that can result in irritant dermatitis include:

  • acids and alkalis
  • cement
  • cleaning products
  • fluids for metalworking
  • oils and greases
  • organic solvents
  • shampoos
  • soaps
  • plants/shrubs
  • water (if there is repeated and prolonged exposure)

Allergic dermatitis

Allergic dermatitis is caused by exposure to a sensitiser or allergen. When an individual’s immune system reacts to a hazardous substance they become sensitised, meaning once they are sensitised they will usually have a life-long sensitivity, and any further exposure to the hazardous substance will likely trigger an attack.

Allergens that can result in allergic dermatitis at work include:

  • cement
  • chromium
  • fragrances
  • latex (a common cause of allergic dermatitis, particularly in the healthcare industry)
  • nickel
  • resins

Can I make a claim against my employer for contact dermatitis compensation?

You can claim against your employer if you believe they have breached their duty of care (resulting in you contracting dermatitis), to protect you and other employers from exposure to chemical substances. An example of this breach would be failing to supply you with appropriate PPE in the workplace.

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How long do I have to make a dermatitis compensation claim?

Like with any industrial disease claim, you have three years in which to make your industrial dermatitis claim. This time period begins on the date of the incident that caused dermatitis to develop, or from the date of knowledge.

What would be the dermatitis compensation amount?

When your compensation is calculated, a number of things will be considered before a final amount is agreed. These include the severity of your condition and the level of impact it has had on your daily life.

Therefore it’s impossible to give an estimated amount for industrial dermatitis compensation, as every case is different. Your solicitor will be able to keep you updated throughout your case.

How do I make a contact dermatitis claim?

It’s important to seek legal advice as soon as you can, in order to put your claim in motion. Your solicitor will also be able to help you with next steps and will provide guidance throughout the process.

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Duty of care against occupational dermatoses

Every single employer is under a duty to identify hazardous substances in the workplace and look to substitute them, where possible. In the event that a substance cannot be substituted, the working processes, training, facilities and personal protective equipment (PPE) should be appropriate in order to prevent hazardous exposure. If an employer does not protect their employees and as a result they contract occupational dermatitis, those employees would be eligible to claim against their employer.

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