With global travel becoming increasingly cheaper, many of us now choose to work overseas as a result of the exciting opportunities that there are for exploring new cultures, new work environments and new career paths.

Accidents or illnesses while working abroad can include:

Duty of care

If you are working overseas and your employer is based in England, Scotland or Wales then the fact that the accident happened abroad makes little difference. Your employer will still owe a duty of care to you under UK law.

The situation becomes a little more complicated if you are employed by a multinational company overseas. However, if that company also has a registered office in the UK then it still may be possible to begin proceedings through the UK courts.

If you are working internationally for a company with a presence both in the place you are working and the UK, your contract may define whether UK or local liability will apply.

It becomes even more complex if the company you work for is based outside of the UK. Whilst your employer will almost certainly still have a duty of care over you, it will be in accordance with the laws of the country where you are working.

You may be entitled to make a claim for compensation if the accident has been caused by the negligence of another.

Time limits

The laws vary depending on which country you are injured in and one particular aspect of the law to be aware of is the window of time in which you have to make a claim. If you are able to bring your claim under UK law then you will have a period of three years in which to make the claim. In some countries (outside the UK law) this can be much more limited, sometimes being as short as one year.

It is vital to get things moving at the first opportunity when making a claim. Private international law governing claims such as these is extremely complex and it is therefore important that specialist legal advice is obtained.

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