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Our specialist accident at work lawyers deal with a high volume of back injury claims ranging from minor injuries to catastrophic injuries such as paralysis.

Duty of care

Employers have a responsibility to protect their employees, contractors and visitors from accidents by:

Any employee required to lift heavy objects as part of their employment must receive manual handling training to ensure that they can complete the task safely. Similarly, all employees that are required to work at a height are protected by the Work at Height Regulations 2005.

It is still possible to bring a compensation claim if your accident at work was caused by the negligent acts of another member of staff. Similarly, you can still make a back injury compensation claim if you previously suffered from back pain. The compensation claim in this instance would be based upon assessing how aggravated the previous back condition has been made by the present accident and if symptoms have been accelerated earlier than they would have been ordinarily.

Type of injuries

Back injuries can include:

  • fractured vertebrae
  • ligament or tendon damage
  • pulled muscles
  • prolapsed discs
  • soft tissue damage
  • paralysis and spinal injury

Common workplace accident circumstances

Work accidents that often result in back injuries for workers include:

Employment issues related to the accident

Our legal team can also assist with any employment law issues that may arise as a result of the accident at work. If you are dismissed or suffer a “detriment” because you have reported a health and safety issue or bring a claim for personal injury then you could also have an employment claim.

It should also be noted that in most accident at work compensation claims the claim for compensation is made against the Employers’ Liability Insurance company, and not against the business itself.

Time limit to bring a back injury at work compensation claim

You generally have three years from the date of accident to bring a back injury at work compensation claim, although there are a few exceptions, which our legal team will be able to advise you upon.

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