Health and Social Care can be categorised into three main industry groups:

  • Human health activities – Hospitals, medical departments, dental practices and other health activities such as speech therapy, chiropody and homeopathy fall within this group.
  • Residential care activities – Those involved in the provision of residential care combined with nursing, supervisory or other care services as required by the residents.
  • Social care activities – Those who provide social assistance services directly to individuals without providing accommodation for individuals fall within this category.

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) reported that in 2014/2015 that the Health and Social Care sector had:

  • Approximately 5% of health and social care workers suffering from an illness that they consider to be related to their employment; and that
  • In the region of 2% of health and social care workers had sustained a work-related injury.

All employers (including those providing health and social care) have a responsibility to protect their employees, contractors and visitors from accidents or illnesses by having safe working practices and supplying personal protective equipment (PPE). Employers are also obliged to ensure that they provide appropriate training for employees to complete their tasks safely and that any required tools are regularly maintained.

Common injuries and illnesses related to employment in the health and social care sector include:

If you work in the health and social care sector and consider that your employer or a third party has caused you an injury or illness then you may be able to bring a claim for compensation.

Most personal injury and industrial disease compensation claims should be brought within three years of the date of knowledge. The date of knowledge is generally the date of the injury or the date from which you first realised or suspected that an illness was related to your employment (generally in a period close to the date of diagnosis).

In addition to representing general members of the public, Lime Solicitors also act on behalf of many trade unions and their members. Our experts recognise that our clients want us to not only fight for the best possible level of financial compensation, but also to get them assistance in terms of rehabilitation, medical care and potentially home or work adaptations.

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