Our child abuse compensation claims lawyers help individuals seek compensation following child abuse; sometimes many years’ after the time that the abuse occurred. We appreciate that it takes incredible strength for a child abuse survivor to consider bringing a compensation claim against the person or organisation responsible. In addition to the compensation for the harm the abuse caused it is possible for the damages claim to include an award for counselling and rehabilitation.

Where abuse might occur

Unfortunately, abuse can occur in a wide range of settings including, but not limited to:

  • Brownies and Girl Guides
  • Care Homes
  • Church and other religious settings (i.e. Choir Masters, Elders, Nuns, Ministers, Monks, Priests, Vergers and Vicars)
  • Schools and Nurseries
  • Scouts
  • Sports clubs
  • Youth clubs
  • within the family home

If you suffered child abuse or are the parent, guardian or carer of a child that has been abused it is difficult to know what to do and where to get legal advice. Our specialists will try to make the discussions as easy as possible and are experienced in gathering sensitive information in a caring and understanding way. Abuse may take many different forms including:

  • sexual
  • physical
  • religious
  • emotional

It is possible for a victim to make a claim against social services, in the event that the local authority failed to manage the family situation appropriately, resulting in you/or your child suffering abuse that could have been avoided.

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