Many different types of accident can cause scarring to the body and face, for example road traffic accidents, burns, accidents at work, slips and trips. You may also end up with scars following surgery which was required as a result of an accident.

Scars can have a dramatic affect on an individual. Whilst scars may not affect your ability to work or day to day life, it can suddenly become very difficult to come to terms with the change in appearance.

Impact of scarring

It is a difficult process to value scarring and the following are factors which are taken into consideration.

  • Is the scar disfiguring?
  • Is the scar noticeable at conversation distance?
  • Is the scar on a part of the body which will be noticeable on a daily basis?
  • Will the scar only be visible on the wearing of certain clothing e.g. shorts?
  • Is the scar permanent or will it continue to fade?
  • What is the size and appearance of the scar?
  • Is the scar smooth or is the skin has puckered?
  • Where on the body is the scar?
  • Is plastic surgery is required?
  • What is the sex of the victim? Since gender makes a difference – generally the courts will award more compensation to a female as it is usually (but of course not always) assumed that a female will be more conscious of her appearance than a male.
  • Age makes a difference too – the younger you are and the more years that you will have the scarring will have an impact on the value of your claim.

It is not unusual for someone who has been scarred to also have psychological effects such as a loss of confidence and a change in life style.

Claims involving scarring often take longer to settle that those claims that are straightforward muscular injuries. It may take a while for the scarring to settle and it may take some time to establish whether or not the scarring will get better in appearance over time.

If you have suffered a burn severe enough to cause scarring then when it comes to the valuation of your claim, the fact that a burn causes very intense pain, soreness and discomfort at the outset, will be factored into the valuation.

It is important, where possible to keep a photographic history of the scarring as scars will change in appearance and texture over time.

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