Lacerations and scar injury claims

It can be very distressing for an individual to find out that an accident or illness has caused them to be scarred, particularly if it is in an obvious place. Scarring in an obvious location, such as the face, can impact an individual’s confidence and result in psychological injury.

A laceration injury can range from a very minor injury to a very severe one. Severe lacerations can cause damage to the underlying nerves, tendons or muscles and very rarely the laceration can be so severe that amputation is required.

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How we help people with scarring compensation claims

We can help you take legal action against an individual or organisation if you believe their negligence has caused you a scar or laceration.

Our team of personal injury experts will work with you to understand your situation, gather the facts of your claim and aim to achieve the best possible outcome. We understand the emotional impact injury claims can have on an individual, so we will take an approach that you are comfortable with.

Causes of scars and lacerations

There are many different causes of scars and lacerations. Below, we’ve listed some common causes that are a result of a third party’s negligence:

How much compensation for permanent scarring or lacerations?

Every scar injury claim or lacerations claim is different, as it will depend on the severity and impact the injury has caused the individual.

Permanent facial scar compensation claims will be classed as high severity, and we understand how facial scarring through someone else’s negligence can make you feel. If you wish to pursue a facial scar injury claim with us, we will work closely with you to understand your situation with sensitivity.

It is a difficult process to understand the value of a scar compensation claim, but the following are factors which are taken into consideration:

  • Is the scar disfiguring?
  • Is the scar noticeable at conversation distance?
  • Is the scar on a part of the body which will be noticeable on a daily basis?
  • Will the scar only be visible on the wearing of certain clothing e.g. shorts?
  • Is the scar permanent or will it continue to fade?
  • What is the size and appearance of the scar?
  • Is the scar smooth or is the skin has puckered?
  • Where on the body is the scar?
  • Is plastic surgery is required?
  • Age makes a difference – the younger you are and the more years that you will have the scarring will have an impact on the value of your claim.

It is not unusual for someone who has been scarred to also suffer psychological effects, such as a loss of confidence and a change in lifestyle.

Claims involving scarring or lacerations often take longer to settle that those claims that are straightforward muscular injuries. It may take a while for the scarring to settle and it may take some time to establish whether or not the scarring will get better in appearance. It is important, where possible to keep a photographic history of the scarring as scars will change in appearance and texture over time.

We can also support you with interim compensation payments throughout your case, which can cover costs for things like travel to hospital appointments.

Can I claim for an injury after a deep laceration?

Laceration injury claims cover a wide range of injuries, including:

  • Damage to the skin’s surface;
  • Tears to muscles;
  • Ligament damage;
  • Deep lacerations reaching the bone.

If you have suffered a laceration injury due to someone else’s negligence, our team of personal injury lawyers may be able to help you. The value of your claim will depend on the severity of your injury and other factors such as cause. We recognise that most laceration claims occur as a result of road traffic accidents or accidents at work, but we also understand they can happen in other situations.

What is the time limit for bringing a permanent scar compensation claim or laceration injury claim?

As with all personal injury claims, you must bring your claim within three years of the incident taking place. In some cases where criminal injury was the cause for a scar or laceration, this time limit is shortened to two years.

Talk to us about a scar injury compensation claim

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