What can I include in a claim as a result of a motorbike accident that wasn’t my fault?

As with all claims you are entitled to bring a claim for your pain and suffering and any other uninsured losses, such as, your leathers and other protective clothing.

I had a cycling accident because of a pothole. Who can I make a claim against and what information do I need?

You might be entitled to make a claim against the local authority for failing to maintain the public highway. We will require photographic evidence of the pothole, showing measurements of the defect.

I was a passenger in an accident and the driver was under the influence of drink or drugs. Will this impact my claim?

It may have an adverse impact on your claim, depending on your knowledge of the driver’s condition. You can be advised further when you make contact to discuss your claim

I wasn’t wearing a seatbelt – will this stop me from claiming?

Whilst it will not stop you bringing a claim it may result in a percentage deduction in your final award of damages.

I was hit by a car when crossing the road – what is involved in bringing a compensation claim?

You are entitled to bring a claim against the third party motorist; or the Motor Insurer’s Bureau in case where the third party is uninsured or untraced.

My partner was responsible for the accident – can I still bring a claim against them?

Yes, you can claim, and this is very common in road traffic accidents.

Can I claim compensation for an accident that was my fault?

Generally no, if solely your fault, but there may be instances where liability is apportioned between more than one party; or in accidents at work where an employer has fallen short in their duty of care.

I’ve received a settlement offer for my injuries but I haven’t had a medical examination, what should I do?

You would be best to take professional legal advice to ensure you are receiving the compensation you are entitled to.

My insurance company has recommended a law firm, do I have to use them?

No, you have freedom of choice as to which law firm you instruct.

I was involved in a transport accident (car, coach, bus, train, plane, boat etc) abroad – can I still claim compensation?

You may be entitled to claim under The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tour Regulations 1992. Some accident types have much shorter time limits within which a claim must be brought, so you need to act promptly.

Can I claim for an injury that happened on public transport?

Yes, where the operator has failed in its duty of care you may be entitled to compensation.

Can you help me with representation at a Coroner’s Inquest?

There is usually an Inquest to deal with the cause of death and the inquest has no impact on the personal injury claim. Inquests are not permitted to determine blame and the conclusion (verdict) will not identify someone as having criminal or civil liability. For many inquests, it will not be necessary for us to attend but if we feel that it is necessary then we will be there

Does it matter that I am not close to one of your offices?

Not at all. We have clients who live all over the country and the majority of our communication occur via the telephone, email and written correspondence.

I’m not happy with my current legal team, can I change the law firm handling my compensation claim?

You have the right to change your legal advisor if you are unhappy with their services and you find another Lawyer willing to take on your case.

Can you visit me at home or hospital?

Yes of course. That said, in this modern world of technology, most communication with clients today is via email, telephone or Skype and very few face to face meetings take place any more. Only in exceptional circumstances will we visit you in hospital but that is because we simply want you to focus on getting better and you can deal with the legal side of things when you are out of hospital and feeling better.

Is there a lot of paperwork required to claim compensation for a road traffic accident?

At the very beginning of a claim we do have to send you quite a lot of documentation such as our engagement letter with you, any documents about how the claim is being funded and also some forms of authority for you to sign and return to us. At the same time we will send you a useful Note, which explains what is involved in making a personal injury claim. We do try to keep the paperwork to a minimum and, where possible, we will complete all forms for you and all you will need to do is read them and sign, date and return them. We do of course also send you a prepaid envelope so that returning the documentation to us does not cost you anything either.

Will I need to make any upfront payments to claim compensation?

Absolutely not. If we have to pay any money to a third party (known as disbursements), for example, paying your doctor for copies of your medical records, we will pay for these up front. During the course of your claim, you will not be out of pocket.

What medical evidence is needed to support my claim?

We will obtain copies of your medical notes and records from your GP and Hospital (if attended). Once received, we will then instruct an independent medical expert to examine you and provide us with a medical report. The medical report will provide details as to the injury suffered and it will also state whether or not any future treatment is recommended to aid your recovery. The report will also provide us with an estimate as to when a full recovery should take place, if it has not done so already. Based on the contents of the report it will allow us to place a valuation on your claim for compensation.

How long does it take to claim compensation for a road traffic accident?

It is not possible to provide an answer to this question as each claim is different. Usually claims, where liability is admitted quickly, will settle a lot sooner than those cases where arguments over liability continue. No case will settle until either the client has made a full and complete recovery from the injuries suffered or the medical evidence confirms that ongoing symptoms will continue for a specified period or will be permanent.

Will I have to go to Court?

In all likelihood no, 95% of our cases are settled without the need to go to court. If you do need to go to court, you should rest assured that our legal team will ensure that you are looked after, and that your case is presented to the very highest professional standard.