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  • Dismissals – if you have been dismissed unfairly, constructively or wrongfully because of your race, you could be eligible to take legal action; 
  • Demotions / no promotions – if you are clearly being passed up for a promotion, not given the opportunity to apply for one, or even demoted because of your race this would be classed as racial discrimination; 
  • Being made redundant – if you have been made redundant based on your race, and your employer didn’t follow the correct protocol, this could be racial discrimination; 
  • Recruitment decisions – if you apply for a role and you are rejected for no other reason than your race, this would be discrimination; 
  • Pay and contractual terms – if you are being paid less than someone else in the same role as you because of your race, or the terms in your contract put you at a disadvantage because of your race, this would be discrimination; 
  • Training and opportunities – if you are being ignored or not given the appropriate training for your role due to your race this would be classed as racial discrimination; 
  • Victimisation at work – this can happen in one of two scenarios. You may be victimised and treated badly by your colleagues for reporting racial discrimination, or you could be victimised if you’ve been seen to help somebody who is reporting racial discrimination; 
  • Harassment – if your employer and/or colleagues are deliberately making you feel intimidated, humiliated and offended because of your race, this would be racial discrimination. 
Before seeking legal advice, there may be other options you can consider first. You could try raising an informal complaint at work and see if the situation can be diffused that way. If not, you could raise a formal complaint (known as a grievance) to try and resolve the situation with your employer. Or you may want to take your case to the Employment Tribunal.
Our racial discrimination solicitors will be able to help you during the complaints process, and if you wish to take your race discrimination claim to the Employment Tribunal. We can help you try and reach a settlement with your employer, and if that doesn’t work we will be able to issue proceedings and represent you at the tribunal. Currently, the law states you have three months, less one day, from the date of the last ac of racial discrimination to start a complaint at an employment tribunal. In order to bring a tribunal claim for racial discrimination at work, we recommend you contact our employment solicitors in the first instance.

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