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Equity release schemes enable property owners to release wealth that is otherwise tied up in their home. This might, in theory, be to pay off previous mortgage endowment policies, to enjoy additional retirement funds or help family members financially.
Your adviser should clearly explain the arrangement so you understand what is being agreed to. Eligibility for care should be considered (and whether early repayment charges might be avoided). They should also consider whether money could be obtained in a less expensive way.
Each claim is different depending on the circumstances of the equity release, meaning that the loss suffered as a result will also be different. That’s why it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what you can claim. But, generally, you will be entitled to be put back into your pre-scheme position. This means that you and your estate (if matters come to light after you have died) may be able to reclaim some of the money you lost in the process of taking out the equity release.
Generally a claim for professional negligence must be issued at Court within six years of the negligence act or omission, or within three years of the date of knowledge subject to a 15 year longstop, if damage is suffered at the point of the negligent act (i.e. the equity release).
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