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What causes the condition isn’t clear and some people develop it spontaneously. However, fibromyalgia can be caused by trauma – either emotional or physical. Sometimes relatively minor injuries can trigger it, leaving you feeling frustrated when you just don’t seem to get better and no one understands. 
Obtaining a diagnosis can be a long and frustrating process. Healthcare professionals need to rule out several similar conditions first. Some may be sceptical about the condition, or not understand it fully. It’s important to get the correct diagnosis as misdiagnosis of fibromyalgia can lead to inappropriate treatment plans and the possibility of accepting significantly less compensation than you are entitled to. 
Road traffic accidents can trigger the condition and the symptoms can be mistaken for other conditions, like a whiplash injury. If the accident wasn’t your fault you are entitled to claim compensation. It’s important not to settle your claim until your symptoms have been properly investigated and diagnosed as you could accept significantly less compensation than you are entitled to. 
Yes, if you developed the condition, or it got worse, and that was someone else’s fault then you may claim compensation. This is a complex condition and using specialist fibromyalgia lawyer is important. Those without detailed knowledge of the syndrome can agree to compensation settlements that are too low. In addition to seeking the best possible level of financial compensation, our team will also explore the possibility of rehabilitation. Fibromyalgia often impacts your job as you may not be able to work, have to reduce your hours or take a less demanding job. Our legal team will help guide you through claiming for all of your losses as well as your pain and suffering. 

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