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If you believe you have suffered at the hands of dental negligence, you may be eligible to bring a claim against your dentist and sue them. You can sue both NHS and private dentists if they have demonstrated dental negligence regarding your treatment. 
The amount of dental negligence compensation you’ll be able to claim will vary depending on your circumstances. Every individual who suffers at the hands of dental negligence is different, and the amount of compensation available will depend greatly on factors such as loss of income, the impact the negligent treatment has had on the individual, and the cost of restorative treatment. 
Again, this will vary case by case. Dental medical negligence claims can take a while to be settled depending on how complicated they are. As such, it is difficult to give an accurate timeline for how long a dental negligence claim will take without detailed information. But, following a consultation with one of our dentist solicitors, we may be able to give you a more detailed view and we will of course keep you updated throughout your dental lawsuit. 
Having the wrong tooth extracted by a dentist is one of the most serious types of dental negligence. A patient could have a tooth removed and still experience the pain they had before, and suffer the unnecessary loss of a perfectly healthy tooth. 

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Our client, who needed her tooth to be removed following negligent surgery, has settled her medical negligence claim against the defendant trust. Read the case study here.

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