For victims of abuse, it can be difficult to face the reality of what has happened and take action, especially if the abuse was inflicted by someone they knew and trusted.

We understand the emotional and physical impact on those who have suffered at the hands of abusers. Working alongside our abuse solicitors we have a team of personal injury experts and clinical negligence specialists who can also provide appropriate legal advice and support. We may be able to work with you to help bring your abuser to justice.

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Different types of abuse claims

We help victims of different types of abuse get the support they deserve from a legal standpoint.

Child abuse claims

The law protects children from suffering harm, whether it be caused to them physically or mentally. According to the NSPCC, over half a million UK children suffer abuse every year.

Victims of child abuse may experience it from other children or adults, and usually this type of abuse takes places over a period of time. It can be incredibly difficult to speak up about, even as an adult who may have suffered as a child. Our team can provide legal support should you decide to report your situation.

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Sexual abuse claims

Sexual abuse can affect anyone, and victims have the legal right to receive compensation and support for their pain and suffering.

It can be incredibly difficult for victims of sexual abuse to come forward and report their abuse, especially if the abuser is a partner, family member or colleague. We’re here to help when you feel ready to talk.

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Institutional abuse claims

Institutional abuse is relevant to a victim suffering abuse under the care of an institution, whether it be a school, a hospital, a care home or a religious place such as a church.

This type of abuse can manifest itself in several ways; physical, neglect, verbal, sexual, psychological, discriminatory or even financial. We understand how difficult it is for victims of any institutional abuse, and the impact it can have depending on the type of abuse they have suffered.

Elder abuse claims

Elders within our society deserve to be treated with respect, and sadly this isn’t always the case. As people grow older they can become more vulnerable; both mentally and physically, and unfortunately this can make them a target of elder abuse.

While this type of abuse is often proven in care homes, it can occur outside of that setting. An elder who is receiving care in their own home may suffer abuse, or may be caused unnecessary distress by the behaviour of a family member.

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Abuse in sports

Sadly not all sporting environments are safe places, particularly for children. Coaches and other staff might abuse their power and cause harm to the children, or other adults at their club, both physically and mentally.

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Abuse Compensation Schemes: historical abuse claims

We provide legal advice and support for victims who have suffered abuse (even if this abuse is historical) as part of any of the following five group actions or schemes:

While the general limitation period for bringing a child abuse claim is up until a victim’s 21st birthday, there are exceptional circumstances where we may be able to help once this period has passed.  So no matter how long ago the abuse took place, our team can help.

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Contact our abuse claims solicitors

If you or a loved one has suffered physical or mental trauma as a result of abuse, our solicitors could help you bring an abuse compensation claim.

We have a personal injury team with over 60 years’ experience in the field, and a clinical negligence team who are ranked consistently as Tier 1 by Chambers for their services. We understand the severity of abuse claims, and how abuse affects an individual both physically and psychologically. Let us help you bring your abuser to justice.

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