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The last thing you expect from a healthcare professional is a wrong diagnosis, or for them to miss a diagnosis altogether.

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misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis frequently asked questions

Clinical and medical misdiagnosis can occur as a result of a failure to recognise an illness or its symptoms, and to provide a patient with an accurate diagnosis. Incorrect diagnosis can result in the patient receiving improper treatment or inappropriate medication, which could result in further complications to their illness and/or have an impact upon their long-term health and well-being.  
Yes. If you believe you could be eligible to receive compensation for experiencing medical negligence, we recommend you talk to us as soon as possible. Generally, medical negligence claims should be brought within three years from the date that you became aware of the negligence. Children have until they are 21 in which to bring a claim, and those who are unable to manage their own affairs (in other words they lack capacity) are exempt from this time limit, where other time limits apply.
The amount of compensation you receive will all depend on your circumstances. Every case is different, which a variety of factors that will need to be taken into consideration. These can include time needed for rehabilitation, loss of income, and whether any home adaptations would need to be made. 

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Joe's Story

When he was a student, Joe was left with avoidable pain after medical professionals failed to identify a fracture to his right hand. This caused a surgical delay and life-long pain for Joe to manage.

“The defendant trust admitted that, had the injury been identified, Joe would have had surgery 16 days earlier, which would have prevented the additional suffering he was forced to endure.” – Natalizia Capizzi, Associate

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