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Discovering hearing loss in a child early on is crucial to their development. With the right diagnosis at the right time, a child may be able to benefit from treatment such as a cochlear implant being fitted, to help them navigate their life through hearing loss and deafness. 
Unfortunately, there may be instances where medical professionals fail to spot this condition and, due to not facilitating a correct diagnosis, leave it far too late for any suitable treatment. If your child has been misdiagnosed, or received a late diagnosis for deafness or hearing loss, please contact our team as soon as possible.  
Typically you have three years from the date of knowledge to bring a claim, or the date you became aware of any resulting damage. If you’re unsure about this, we recommend you contact our team today. 
Audiology departments should be carrying out hearing tests when a baby is born, to try and determine any signs of deafness or the beginnings of hearing loss. Unfortunately, once a child reaches a certain age without a diagnosis, the damage to their hearing might be permanent. 

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