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You usually have six years from the date of neglect to bring a professional negligence compensation claim, but this can vary depending upon the circumstances of your case. The time limit is called a limitation period. Whilst there are time limits, it is best not to delay speaking with a professional negligence solicitor if you believe you have grounds for a professional negligence claim, as it is better to discuss potential claims early on.
A limitation period is the time within which you must bring a professional negligence claim. Sometimes, solicitors or other legal advisers may act negligently and miss limitation dates in terms of submitting elements of your case to court. This is likely to be grounds for bringing a professional negligence claim.
To bring a professional negligence compensation claim we will need to prove:
  1. that you were owed a reasonable duty of skill and care from the professional,
  2. that this duty of care and skill was breached, and
  3. that the breach has caused you to suffer a financial loss or a loss of chance.
If a duty of care and skill was owed, it must be found (as part of your case) that an error was made that no reasonable member of the profession would have made in the same circumstances.
Our professional negligence solicitors can guide you through the process of bringing a professional negligence claim. This can include correspondence with the professional who has let you down to provide you with the opportunity to resolve matters outside of the court process if that is what you want it. We often help to facilitate early offers of compensation and work through dispute resolution procedures such as mediation with our clients. Mediation if appropriate can provide the opportunity for a quick and cost effective resolution but is not the right solution for everyone.

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