Victims of sexual abuse have the legal right to receive compensation and support for their pain and suffering.

We understand these types of cases require specialist expertise and in-depth knowledge, and that they can be incredibly stressful for victims to go through. Nobody wants to recount their abuse, or face their abuser in court. That’s why our team are here to help when you feel ready to talk.

Call us free on 0808 164 0808. Or if you feel more comfortable, you can request a call back and one of our team will call you at a time that suits.

How we handle sexual abuse claims

Our sexual abuse claims solicitors will work closely with you to understand what happened to you, and seek the right path to justice without causing too much stress.

We always try to settle sexual abuse claims out of court, but naturally every case is different and if for whatever reason your case went to court, we’d be there beside you every step of the way.

Sexual abuse claims can be brought against any of the following:

  • The abuser
  • Any organisation that had the power to step in and prevent the abuse from happening, but failed to do so.

If you’re concerned that your sexual abuse happened a long time ago, we still encourage you to get in touch. While there is a limitation period in place, we still help victims of historical abuse who may feel comfortable coming forward many years after the incident.

Let us help you

Get in touch with our sexual abuse solicitors if you wish to take legal action. We understand you may feel nervous, unsure, or even doubtful about doing so, but rest assured our team have high levels of experience with these cases, and will do their upmost to protect you while getting the compensation you deserve.