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Inheritance Act 1975 claims usually concern the inheritance rights of children and other family members, particularly if they haven’t received reasonable financial provision as their inheritance or if they are a family member left out of the will for whatever reason.
Not everyone who is disappointed about a deceased’s will or the outcome of the intestacy rules can bring a claim under the Inheritance Act. Only certain categories of people are eligible to claim, including spouses or civil partners, ex-spouses, anyone who lived with the deceased in the two years before their death, children and anyone who was being maintained (usually financially) by the deceased before they died.
There is a time limit for bringing Inheritance Act claims. They normally have to be issued at court within six months from the date of the grant of probate. You can search online to see whether or not a grant has been issued. It is possible to bring a claim after the 6 months has expired, but you will need permission from the court to do so. These rules also apply to claims for the rectification of a will.
There is no time limit to challenge a person’s will. They can be challenged even if the executor of the disputed will has got the grant of probate.

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