We understand the difficulties that can arise from disputes relating to wills, inheritance and trusts. These types of issues are complicated and can have negative impacts on individuals and their families, mixed with grief and worry after the death of a loved one.

Inheritance, trust and will disputes often involve other family members who get caught up in the process, which makes the situation even more complex. In the meantime, the whole estate or trust in question could be in limbo until the matter has been resolved.

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Inheritance and contentious probate litigation

The law surrounding contentious probate disputes is complicated and confusing to an individual, meaning it is difficult for them to work out what rights, if any, they have and what can be done.

It can be very challenging for anyone thinking about bringing a claim or facing the possibility of having to defend one.

It is important that if a will, inheritance or trust dispute does arise, that advice is taken from someone who is not only experienced and knowledgeable in that area of law, but who is also sensitive to your needs and can appreciate the difficulties that you are facing.

Types of will, inheritance and trust disputes

Our inheritance dispute solicitors can help you with the following types of dispute:

Inheritance act claims

It can be unsettling to learn that your late loved one’s will hasn’t provided for you, or that you won’t be inheriting anything under intestacy rules due to there not being a will to begin with. Under these circumstances, many people may find that they are eligible to make a claim under the Inheritance Act, to receive suitable provision from the estate of their loved one.

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Invalid wills

Unfortunately, many issues surrounding the validity of wills occur after the person in question has passed away. Sometimes, family members can become upset and distressed to learn that they’ve perhaps been removed from the will, and other problems can arise. As such, many people question the will’s validity and may wish to challenge it. If you’re unsure about how to contest a will in England, find out more about contentious wills and probate here >>

Trust disputes

Even when thought and consideration have gone into planning a trust, disputes can still occur. Trusts with multiple beneficiaries or trustees may have conflicting views on the trust and as such, issues can arise. Typically, these issues surround money and the removal of certain trustees.

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Power of Attorney/Deputy disputes

Deciding on who should be someone’s attorney or deputy is a big decision, especially if multiple family members have different views on who this should be. Concerns may arise due to family members not trusting each other to act in the best interests of the “donor”, or not understanding the process entirely.

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Rectifying the terms of a will

Sometimes, a will may not carry out the wishes of the deceased as planned, meaning it could be put forward for rectification in court. Usually, this would only be possible if there was a clerical error or if the person who prepared the will failed to understand the wishes and instructions of the person making it.

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How to handle inheritance disputes

When these problems arise, family members may be feeling anxious and upset from the passing of the loved one in question, meaning emotions can run high and issue scan get blown out of proportion.

The best thing to do in the event of an inheritance dispute, is to seek legal advice early on. Speak to other concerned family members and try to agree on a process whereby you reach out to a solicitor who can help, and take it from there.

How can our inheritance legal solicitors help?

Our team of specialist contested probate lawyers can assist you with a full range of issues relating to wills, inheritance and trust disputes, whether bringing them or defending them.

Many of our will dispute lawyers have specialist qualifications in this area and only deal with such claims. This makes them ideally placed to help you. Our lawyers are also approachable and down to earth. They appreciate the difficulty of contesting a will in the UK, and that every claim is different and so is every client. As such, we tailor our advice to your requirements.

We focus on resolving the matter and working with you to find an amicable and cost-effective solution, ideally without the need for court proceedings. However, if court cannot be avoided then we have plenty of experience in successfully representing clients at court and we fight hard to protect your interests while offering pragmatic and constructive advice.

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