Will, inheritance and trust disputes can be very complex and have a significant impact on individuals. Such disputes often come about after the death of a loved one when feelings of grief are mixed with anxiety and worry about the future, especially in relation to finances. Such disputes often involve other family members who get caught up in the so this makes matters much harder. In the meantime the whole estate or trust could be in limbo until the matter has been resolved.

The law in this area is complicated and confusing to an individual meaning it is difficult for them to work out what rights, if any, they have and what can be done. It can be very challenging for anyone thinking about bringing a claim or facing the possibility of having to defend one. 

It is important that if a wills, inheritance or trust dispute does arise, that advice is taken from someone who is not only experienced and knowledgeable in that area of law, but who is also sensitive to your needs and can appreciate the difficulties that you are facing.  

Types of will, inheritance and trust disputes

We can help you with the following types of dispute:

How we can help you

Our team of specialist lawyers can assist you with a full range of issues relating to wills, inheritance and trust disputes, whether bringing them or defending them. Many of our lawyers have specialist qualifications in this area and only deal with such claims. This makes them ideally placed to help you. Our lawyers are also approachable and down to earth. They appreciate that every claim is different and so is every client – we tailor our advice to your requirements.

We focus on resolving the matter and working with you to find an amicable and cost-effective solution, ideally without the need for court proceedings.  However, if court cannot be avoided then we have a great deal of experience in successfully representing clients at court and we fight hard to protect your interests whilst offering pragmatic and down to earth advice.