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NHS & private hospital negligence frequently asked questions

There are some key differences between NHS and private hospital compensation claims for negligence:   
  • It may be unclear as to who is liable for the negligence – many organisations and individuals may be involved; 
  • The medical professionals who treated you may not be directly employed by the hospital; 
  • Informed consent can be “overlooked” more in a private setting, as there is a bigger focus on selling procedures to patients. 
As with most medical negligence claims, you have three years from the date you received negligent treatment, or the date you became aware there was negligence. 
The amount of compensation you receive will all depend on your circumstances. Every case is different, which a variety of factors that will need to be taken into consideration. These can include time needed for rehabilitation, loss of income, and whether any home adaptations would need to be made. 
Guidance for the NHS includes a requirement for staff to alert senior doctors if patients suspected of having this deadly condition do not respond to treatment within one hour.  If a healthcare professional does not detect sepsis early enough and fails to provide the appropriate treatment to counter it, then the patient may be able to bring a sepsis negligence compensation claim. Factors such as being very young or old, diabetic or pregnant place individuals at a greater risk of developing sepsis. 

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Our client was left with facial disfigurement after undergoing reconstructive maxillofacial surgery to treat his skin cancer. Find out more about how we settled his medical negligence claim against the defendant hospital trust.

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