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Meningitis is an infection of the protective membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord (meninges). 
Claims arising from meningitis related negligence tend to revolve around: 
  • Failures in diagnosing the symptoms of meningitis; 
  • A delay in providing treatment for meningitis; 
  • Errors when differentiating between the symptoms of meningitis and flu like symptoms; 
  • Failures in treating bacterial meningitis as an emergency; 
  • Delays and errors when carrying out correct tests and scans; 
  • Delay in providing correct treatment such as antibiotics; 
  • Failure in carrying out physical examination for septicaemia (blood poisoning); often disguised as a purple colour rash; 
  • And other meningitis treatment errors. 
As with most medical negligence claims, you have three years from the date you received negligent treatment, or the date you became aware there was negligence. 
Failure to provide effective treatment for meningitis can lead to potentially catastrophic consequences such as:  
  • Hearing loss or vision loss, which may be partial or total; 
  • Problems with memory and concentration; 
  • Recurrent seizures (epilepsy); 
  • Co-ordination, movement and balance problems; 
  • Loss of limbs – amputation of affected limbs is sometimes necessary. 

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