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Chronic pain syndrome (CPS) is debilitating, and affects sufferers both mentally and physically. It is usually described as pain that has been constant for 12 weeks or more, and can be the result of several different conditions. The most common cause of chronic pain syndrome is trauma from injury. 
Sometimes with particularly complex chronic pain syndrome claims you may feel as though your solicitor does not understand you, or is not listening to how affected you are as a result of the accident. This may be because they do not have the specialist knowledge to deal with your claim. Chronic pain cases require a specialist solicitor to act on your behalf. You have the freedom to choose who handles your claim. You can change solicitors at any time during your personal injury claim, and you do not need to give your solicitor a reason for wanting to change.  If you wish to change solicitor we would recommend you do so quickly. If you’d like us to handle your claim, we will write to your solicitors and request your file, confirming that we will preserve their entitlement to legal costs so there is no charge to you. 
This is a common question and unfortunately we cannot give an exact amount. Each and every chronic pain syndrome compensation claim is different, given the varying factors we need to take into account. 
We look at numerous factors when assessing the impact of chronic pain syndrome, including the degree of pain you’re experiencing, the impact on our mobility and ability to work, whether you have any medication requirements as a result, your age, and the medical experts’ prognosis, among others. 

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