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When things go wrong during birth it can often lead to serious injuries for both mother and baby. Our medical negligence solicitors help many people and families get the support and guidance they need in these circumstances.

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It is difficult to calculate the true amount of compensation you could receive for a childbirth negligence claim without a medical assessment. It will be a case of understanding yours or your baby’s limitations that are now in place as a result of the birth injury.
If you are bringing a traumatic birth compensation claim, you have until they turn eighteen to do so. You can bring your birth medical negligence claim at any time during this period. Once your child has turned eighteen, they then have a further three years to bring a birth compensation claim. 
We understand you’ll want to instruct the best birth injury lawyer you can find. Our specialist childbirth injury lawyers will be able to tell whether your or your baby’s injury is a result of medical negligence, by going through medical records and consulting with forensics teams if necessary. We are members of the Action against Medical Accidents (AvMA) organisation and have years of experience handling birth negligence claims, whether it’s the mother who has suffered. 

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