James Anderson

Associate – Clinical Negligence

James is a solicitor with Lime. He gained his Law degree from the University of Leicester before proceeding with the Legal Practice Course at the Leicester Institute of Legal Practice. James qualified as a solicitor in 2017 and specialises in clinical and medical negligence claims.


James assists the senior lawyers with a range of complex cases. He has experience of dealing with a wide range of medical negligence cases including those against GPs, hospitals and dentists. He has dealt with and helped with cases involving orthopaedics, accident and emergency Medicine, gynaecology, birth injuries, gall bladder surgery, TB and many others. James chose to do medical negligence work because he passionately believes in fighting for the rights of injured patients.

Notable Cases

Two cases that James has found particularly interesting have been:

  • A tragic case involving septic shock. A young mum attended her GP with symptoms of vomiting, high temperature and raised heart rate on multiple occasions. The GP failed to spot these red flag symptoms for sepsis and sent her home. Her condition deteriorated and she was rushed to hospital but later died as the condition was too far gone. She left behind two young children and a husband. The death was completely avoidable.
  • Another sad case involving the slippage of a gastric band. A lady had a gastric band fitted to control her weight. She then developed severe vomiting. She attended hospital and they failed to diagnose that the gastric band had slipped. She continued to lose drastic amounts of weight and due to the continuous vomiting became dangerously nutritionally deficient. Finally when the gastric band slippage was diagnosed and the band removed the client had suffered permanent nerve injury due to being nutritionally deficient for such a long period of time.


When not at work James spends most of his time at the gym. He also enjoys the martial arts and cooking. Although, James is very modest about it; but where appropriate we like to sing our people’s praises. James has recently become a Kickboxing Champion at the WKC English National Kickboxing Championships and has been invited to join the England Squad in the World Championships.