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Natalizia joined Lime in 2022. Since 2009 Natalizia has dedicated her career to Personal Injury/Clinical Negligence claims.

Natalizia understands that if you have suffered a serious injury or bereavement through no fault of your own, it can be traumatic and life changing not just for you but also your loved ones. Natalizia’s focus is to help clients rebuild their lives by securing the best financial settlement possible. Natalizia is praised by clients for her empathetic nature and handling of delicate and sensitive issues.

Natalizia has a great deal of experience in working with clients who have sustained life-changing injuries or families that have lost a loved one due to substandard medical treatment.

Natalizia has gained knowledge across a wide array of cases involving, but not limited to: infectious diseases; birth injuries; surgical negligence; complex neurological injuries; cardiac injuries and delays in the diagnosis of cancer. Natalizia’s cases are against NHS Trusts, GPs, Private Doctors and Opticians. Natalizia also has experience of assisting families through the Inquest process where they have lost a loved one.

Successful in representing the family of a dentist who died aged 49 in 2013, leaving behind a wife and three sons. He suffered his first serious depressive episode in late 2013. His condition deteriorated to psychotic depression, and he was admitted to hospital as a voluntary inpatient for his own safety due to his risk of suicide. Two days after his admission he tragically took his own life. Following an inquest in 2015 the defendant NHS Trust denied liability. The claims settled for £1,000,000 shortly prior to trial. The settlement includes claims under the Fatal Accidents Act 1976 and the Law Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1934, but also under the Human Rights Act 1998, for breach of the operational duty to protect life under Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights. The Human Rights Act claims allowed claims to be brought on behalf of the deceased’s now adult sons as well as his surviving spouse.

Successful in obtaining Judgement for the Claimant following a 7-day contested Trial in the High Court. The Claimant called for an ambulance in excruciating pain only to be told that it was a torn tendon and gastroenteritis. The Paramedics refused to take her to hospital. When she was admitted to hospital Necrotising Fasciitis was diagnosed however it was too late and as a result her arm was amputated. Settlement was reached for the sum of £400,000.00.

£315,000 for a failure to correctly categorise the Deceased’s Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma. As a result, the Deceased did not receive the correct number of R-CHOP sessions and sadly passed away. Had the Deceased received a further 2-4 sessions of R-CHOP as per the NICE Guidelines he would have had an 80% chance of survival.
£136,000.00 for a failure to adequately report on a CT scan which resulted in a 9-month delay in diagnosing lung cancer which severely affected the Claimant’s prognosis.

Representing the family at the Inquest and thereafter settling the case for £30,000.00. This case concerned a young girl who had complex needs from birth. Whilst she was an inpatient the Defendant Trust failed to administer her epilepsy medication, as a result she suffered a cardiac arrest and passed away.

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