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Rose joined Lime Solicitors in June 2023. She has worked in personal injury for over 25 years and specialises in serious and catastrophic injury claims, including fatalities, amputations, brain injuries, spinal injuries and injuries to upper and lower limbs.

Rose also works with a network of experts in rehabilitation to ensure her clients are given the best chances of recovery following their injuries. Because of her reputation in the industry, she is often able to work with a number of private consultants, to get early intervention from specialists that is not always available on the NHS. These experts trust Rose and will sometimes work free of charge or on a credit basis if it means that their timely involvement can achieve a better outcome, or even just to offer a second opinion for peace of mind.

Rose prioritises early interim payments to alleviate financial concerns, appreciating that sometimes finances are the last thing on someone’s mind when crisis hits.

She prides herself on her client care and her personable, down-to-earth nature. She believes that by getting to know the clients as best she can, she can ensure the best possible outcome for her client. She is also a member of The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL)

Rose works nationwide and makes it a priority to visit her clients in person.

Rose is a volunteer and Ambassador for Derbyshire Bloodbikes. A keen motorcyclist herself, she and Kevin Harper – also a motorcycling enthusiast and Associate at Lime Solicitors sponsor a British Superbike Team in conjunction with Lime Solicitors.

Together, with their Senior Paralegal, Ellie Harper, they support many riders who suffer motorcycle injuries.

Rose, Kevin and Ellie are a family team within the firm and they are very close-knit, and as such, they take great care to provide excellent services to their clients.

Rose and Kevin are co-founding members of the ‘Injury Support Network’, a collaborative venture with a few other lawyers in other law firms to ensure and will travel all over the UK to meet families who have been affected by serious life-changing and fatal injuries, to provide support and legal advice. This network ensures that clients have a choice of a lawyer from different law firms, who all act in a similar way and offer similar terms and client care.

Rose offers pro-bono representation at Inquests and support at Criminal proceedings. She has represented many clients at inquests, appreciating that this is a very tough time for people and she also believes that families should be supported in criminal proceedings.

£7m+ for a soldier in his mid 30’s, who suffered a spinal cord injury in a cycling accident, when he was hit in the rear by an HGV. The injury was sustained in July 2020 and the matter was settled by December 2022. This settlement enabled the client to purchase and adapt a house to suit his needs, as well as assist him to become an adaptive PTI trainer. He has gone on to become one of the world’s strongest men in his disability category.

£3m+ for a lower leg amputee who was injured when a lorry turned right across the path of a man in his mid 30’s, causing him to be knocked off his scooter. He was the main breadwinner for his wife and 4 children, working in an ink factory. Interim payments were obtained so that he could fund increased rent for a more accessible home as well as prosthetics and additional aids and adaptations and his loss of earnings. He re-trained as a barber, enabling him to mitigate his loss of earnings. The accident happened in May 2019 and settled at the beginning of May 2022, as the claim was delayed by the Claimant’s initial psychological presentation and also the pandemic affected the many medical appointments that he had to attend. Liability was also contested for some time on this matter.

£5m+ for a lower leg amputee in his 40s, who also suffered serious arm injuries in 2017. He was riding on his motorcycle, when a car on the opposite side of the road, causing a head-on collision. The Claimant ran his own tarmacking business with a number of employees and his wife. The Company had to be wound up because losses were mounting due to his absence from the business and his father had attempted to come out of retirement into the company to try to save it, but unfortunately, he could not replace his son, who was extremely ‘hands on’. The claim settled in May 2022. Again, settlement was delayed due to the pandemic and the number of medical experts that he needed to be seen by. The Claimant also had a protracted recovery as a result of the injuries to both his arm and his leg, as well as needing time to adjust and test various prosthetics.

£10m+ for a man in his late 30s who suffered a motorcycle accident when a car turned right across his path in 2016. Initially, he was only able to communicate by using his thumb. He was barely conscious when Rose initially visited him. He was unusually tall and on significant amounts of medication. He suffered a cardiac arrest, but recovered. Rose arranged for some of her private treatment contacts to give a second opinion and they noted that his bed was too small, and the spasticity in his hands was not being splinted correctly, and they also noted that he was in significant pain with a broken jaw. The team arranged for this to be addressed and offered training to the NHS staff to improve his condition. At this time, no funding was available, but the private consultants treated him on a credit basis, accepting Roses’ assurance that there was no way that he could be responsible given the circumstances of the accident. His pain alleviated and his comfort increased, such that his condition improved, and after 18 months post-accident, he started talking for the first time. He learned how to talk and was placed in an NHS funded brain injury unit for a couple of years until he was able to use his mechanically operated wheelchair properly. During this time, Rose arranged for the purchase and adaptation of a house near to his family, and ultimately a stay in a private rehabilitation unit to prepare him for independent living with a care package in place. Once his house was ready, he moved in, his care team was assessed so that the matter was capable of settlement and approval by the Court. Since then, he has purchased some chickens, went fishing with his carers and bought himself a German shepherd puppy, who now never leaves his side.

£4m+ for a lady in her mid 30’s who suffered a traumatic above-knee amputation in September 2016 when a drunk, uninsured driver drove into the back of her leg when she was putting her dog’s bed in the boot of her car. Her leg was amputated at the scene. She was a mortgage advisor, and at the time of the accident, she was living in a 1 bedroom flat that was not suitable for her. The claim was against the Motor Insurer’s bureau, and therefore it was likely to progress less swiftly than a normal claim. Interim payments were obtained in order to find her more suitable accommodation to rent. Accommodation was a problem in this case because the Claimant lived in the Poole area of Dorset, where properties go quickly. As a result of her disability, she was not always the tenant of choice because landlords did not want their properties adapting to accommodate wheelchair use. The Claimant advanced a claim for IVF on account of the fact that she wanted to have children, but was effectively rendered infertile due to the medication that she was on being inconsistent with a normal pregnancy. She did at one point become pregnant but had to have a termination. The Defendants disputed the infertility issue but the Claimant won on this point in Court, recovering damages for her to have IVF treatment at a later stage. The Claimant’s relationship with her boyfriend did not survive the accident, so she was often alone. In the end, she arranged for her gardener to also drive her to and from medical appointments and to assist with the accommodation issue, they agreed to house-share to benefit them both in terms of care for the Claimant and cheap rent for the gardener. The claimant was a very active amputee, enjoying yoga, horse-riding, swimming (in a swim spa that she purchased to assist with the high levels of pain she was enduring), travelling abroad. She therefore required a number of prosthesis to assist her with her activities. These were very costly, and hotly disputed with the Defendant. The matter settled in March 2021.

£400,000 for a man who suffered a brain injury by an insured, but untraced motorist under the MIB uninsured driver’s agreement when he was run over by a suspected drink/drug driver and left for dead in 2020. He made a good recovery, and was only working part-time at the time of the accident, as his wife was the main bread-winner. His case was settled during the early part of 2022, as whilst he had made a good recovery, his struggled with a bad temper and fatigue, as well as an impact on his ability to work, although there was a risk of the claim being transferred to the MIB untraced drivers agreement, in which case he risked losing up to 25% to cover legal fees. It was his preference to settle rather than see if the case was worth any more.

£1m for a family for the loss of dependency of a man in his 70’s struck by a car, resulting in his death. He was a fairly wealthy man, and had no intention of retiring from his practice in conservation for which he was well known for, all over the world. It was his passion. That said, he was also a doting father and grandfather with a large family. His pension loss claim was complex, due to it involving a foreign element. His widow initially did not want to claim, so commenced the claim 18 months into the 3 year time limit, meaning that Rose had to do an awful lot of work in a short period of time in order to settle the matter. The claim was commenced towards the end of 2019 and settled mid 2021.

£3m+ million for a serving soldier in his 20’s in 2013. His claim was originally being handled by an insurance company, who set this matter up as a low-value claim worth less than £10,000 and did not progress the matter much, because they were waiting for the outcome of the criminal proceedings. The Claimant knew that something was not right, and suspected that he had a missed brain injury. After 18 months or so, he decided to transfer his case to Rose Gibson. The evidence in relation to a brain injury was somewhat lacking, so Rose interviewed his friends and family members as to his change in personality and his inability to work. He was eventually medically retired by the army on account of the severe fatigue, memory loss and lack of concentration that he was presenting with. Rose obtained medical evidence to support the fact that he had a brain injury. This was hotly contested by the third party insurers, who obtained surveillance evidence that actually showed his fatigue ( because he went to bed early every night and was rarely able to be seen), and he was filmed driving the wrong way down a one- way street. After many years of disputes and a pandemic, the matter was settled in March 2020.

Rose also acts for many child brain injury clients, ranging from subtle to more severe. These claims often take a long time to settle because of their need to develop over time. She feels it is very important to get to know the children personally as well as any particular issues they may develop over time, so that they build trust with her. The children will often come to think of Rose as a friend of the family, especially in cases with a subtle presentation. Rose is always as informal as possible where children are seriously injured.

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