What is a ‘No win, no fee’ agreement?

‘No win, no fee’ is an agreement between a client and a law firm, which is also referred to as a ‘Conditional Fee Arrangement’ (CFA). The agreement outlines that if your claim for compensation is unsuccessful that we will not be paid for the work that we have conducted on your behalf. This is provided that you have not misled us at any stage throughout your claim or acted against the advice that we have given to you. In ‘No win, no fee’ agreements there are no up-front costs for you and we agree to take on the financial risks.

What is ‘After the Event’ (ATE) or ‘Before the Event’ (BTE) insurance?

In many instances we will purchase an ‘After the Event’ (ATE) insurance on your behalf to cover any legal costs should you not win the case. However, if you have a ‘Before the Event’ (BTE) insurance policy included in your home, car or credit card insurance then we will look to use that insurance to cover the legal costs and an ATE policy should not then be required.

Some solicitors charge their clients for the initial medical reports, court fees and other reasonable expenses, such as, the ATE that are required to present your injury or illness claim. At Lime Solicitors we do not ask our clients to make any upfront payments and will fund them ourselves, except where disputes over the content of expert’s reports arise, with insurance to support these costs should we lose.

Who pays the legal costs?

In the event that we are successful in your claim for compensation then the majority of your legal costs will be met by those responsible for your injury or illness and this liability is often covered by an insurance company. The Agreement states that a percentage of your damages, which we will agree with you at the outset, will be deducted at the conclusion to contribute to the work that we have done for you. The percentage of the deduction will depend upon the circumstances of the accident and the award of damages you are likely to recover. We would be happy to discuss the level of this with you.

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