If you have been injured following a visit to a beautician, health spa or salon and reasonable care and skill was not provided then our Personal Injury (PI) lawyers may be able to assist you in bringing a claim for compensation.

Non-surgical beauty and cosmetic treatments are increasingly popular for both men and women; often these treatments are carried out appropriately, however, occasionally the treatment can be substandard causing harm such as: skin bleaching, blood poisoning, burns, headaches, impaired vision, infections, lacerations, loss of speech, muscle damage, scarring and other types of permanent disfigurement or temporary harm.

Common negligent beauty treatments resulting in injury

Common treatments and the respective injuries that can result from a substandard level of service may include:

Botox or dermal fillers

Botox is one of the most popular non-surgical beauty and cosmetic treatments in the UK. It is important that botox injections and dermal fillers are administered correctly otherwise allergic reactions causing problems to breathing, speaking or swallowing can occur; other injuries can include blurred vision, drooping eyelids and excessive numbness.

Eyelash treatments

If a beauty therapist provides a substandard level of treatment it can result in eye injuries such as a scratched cornea, eye infection or chemical burn.

Hair dying

If the hairdresser fails to assess the risk of an adverse reaction to the hair dye then it could result in damage to the hair or the scalp.

Skin treatments (facials)

Skin treatments can result in an allergic reaction which can in some instances cause permanent scarring. If the beautician, health spa or salon failed to assess the risk of an adverse reaction to the chemicals used in the beauty treatment then there may be a breach in the ‘Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002’ act, which is a criminal offence. In addition to the potential criminal offence, the injured individual may have a right to claim compensation against the beautician, health spa or salon for any personal injury or psychological injury caused, corrective treatment or financial losses incurred as a result of the fault of another.

Laser skin resurfacing treatments

If reasonable care is not taken laser skin resurfacing can result in bleaching, burns, scarring or a change to the pigmentation in the skin.

Semi-permanent make-up, tattooing and body piercings

Any beauty or cosmetic treatment that breaks the skin carries the risk of infection and other complications. Thankfully, regulation of the industry now means that Tattoo Parlours are required to register with the local authority and many carry public liability insurance to cover accident or injury claims. Allergic reactions to dyes and infections can occur if the Tattoo Parlour is not kept sterile; rarely is it possible for blood borne diseases to be transmitted as a result of these cosmetic treatments. Body piercings if carried out incorrectly can also result in muscle damage or blood poisoning.

Wax Treatments

Wax treatments for areas such as the bikini line, eyebrows and legs are common at beauticians, health spas or salons. However, if carried out incorrectly it can result in a burn or tear of the skin.

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