Every year many women undergo breast enlargement or augmentation surgery for cosmetic reasons. However, sadly not all of these operations successfully result in the cosmetic outcome the patient was hoping for and on occasions some of the treatments are performed negligently.

Having any elective surgery is an important and very serious decision. With all operations, no matter how routine they are, there are risks and it is vital, before going ahead, that you are fully aware of those risks and the limits of what the surgery can achieve. Breast augmentation surgery will rarely achieve the perfect set of breasts. It is important that prior to the operation that you were fully informed as failure to do so may result in a lack of informed consent.

Problems following surgery

Common problems that are seen following breast surgery are as follows:

  • asymmetrical breasts
  • one breast being larger than the other
  • drooping nipples
  • infections
  • failure of the implants
  • the need for further surgery
  • scarring
  • lack of sensation

In addition to the compensation for the negligent treatment we will discuss with experts whether corrective surgery would be appropriate and ensure that any psychological issues are considered as part of the compensation claim.

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