Many people undergo laser skin resurfacing if they suffer wrinkles, acne or blotches in the skin tone which can be upsetting if not removed. Laser skin resurfacing enhances the skin by removing layers and layers of skin bringing out fresh skin. Other types of laser skin procedures include: tattoo removal and hair removal.

Laser skin resurfacing is a one day procedure and undertaken by a specialised dermatologist or plastic surgeon. They are normally the first point of contact should you wish to choose this procedure. A surgeon has a duty to advise you whether this procedure is suitable for you depending on your skin type and health and also to inform you of certain medication not to take for a period before and after the procedure. The surgeon also has a duty to provide you with antibiotics to prevent bacterial infections.

Potential impact of negligent treatment

If the treatment is not performed correctly you may experience:

  • severe bruising around the face
  • changes to skin pigment
  • permanent scarring
  • infections.

The implications of a negligent laser skin resurfacing treatment can be distressing for the individual particularly if they have some form of permanent disfigurement, which may also cause a psychological injury.

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