Tony Hannington

Head of Personal Injury
Personal Injury

Tony graduated from Nottingham University and the Chester College of Law. He undertook his training at the firm and following 25 years’ of service now oversees Lime Solicitors.

Tony initially acted for Insurers defending personal injury compensation claims and specialised in:

malicious prosecution and wrongful arrest claims
gas explosions and utility claims
defamation claims
claims against Local Authorities.

Over time Tony undertook more and more claims on behalf of the injured and looked to grow a claimant personal injury team. Tony’s experience in acting for Insurers and Loss adjusters has given him a unique insight into the litigation process and a tactical advantage which enables him to secure the best results for his injured clients.

Tony has had significant experience of dealing with the whole range of injuries and accident types but in particular has been regularly instructed on:

fatal accidents
catastrophic injuries
industrial disease
accidents at work
cyclist claims

Fatal accidents
Tony’s empathetic but tenacious approach has enabled him to secure financial security for many spouses and dependent children following the death of their loved one upon who they were financially reliant. He provides support, advice and assistance from the Inquest right through to the end of the Litigation process.

Catastrophic injury claims
Tony has vast experience in dealing with accidents causing brain injury ranging from minor injuries causing small but perceptible changes in character and brain functioning to those where there is significant cognitive deficit requiring significant assistance in dealing with day to day affairs and personal needs – he is adept in coordinating case managers, carers, professional deputies, architects in charge of house adaptations, medical experts and accountants so as not only to be able to secure the best settlement but also to put systems and help in place to meet the client’s needs. Tony has a keen interest in brain injuries and studied for Headway’s Certificate in Brain Injury Studies via the University of Northampton

He also has a wealth of experience in dealing with accidents causing traumatic amputation of limbs or causing injury sadly requiring amputation as part of treatment. In such cases Tony understands the significant impact on daily life and regularly liaises with specialist Prosthetic supply organisations on behalf of his clients as part of the Claims process.

Industrial disease claims
Tony has represented a number of Union members over the years and has built of a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with noise induced deafness cases (including heading the team that dealt with over a 1000 employees suffering hearing loss as a result of using tone and amp oscillators at BT), mesothelioma and asbestosis cases, vibration white finger and work related upper limb disorders, work related dermatitis, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD).

Accidents at Work
Through his Union member client base Tony has developed an acute understanding of many work place environments and the dangers they can hold for employees and leads teams specialising in dangerous and /or unguarded machinery, failures to provide sufficient protection from harmful products ranging from dust, molten steel and carcinogenic paints; and slips and trips in the workplace.

Cyclist Claims
Tony is a keen cyclist and through his work, and several close shaves, he has a particular awareness of the hazards for cyclists on the Country’s roads and had developed a specialism and reputation for dealing with minor injuries to fatalities in this field.

Acted for a teenager run over crossing the road causing permanent brain damage. Multi million pound lump sum and annual payments from Insurer recovered.

Acted for the widow of a cyclist killed whilst cycling home from work – successfully recovering compensation where liability was disputed.

Acted for a student who suffered a traumatic amputation on his leg at the hip as a result of being pulled under and ran over by a train – Significant damages recovered after progression to trial.

Lead a team recovering £2m damages for its Union member clients for Noise Induced Hearing Loss claims against BT.

Acted for a widow in a car accident whose husband suffered significant injuries in an accident requiring hospitalisation who then tragically died after an alleged failure in treatment. Damages in excess of £1m recovered both for the loss of financial dependency and the widow’s own significant injures where there was a risk of leg amputation.

Acted for a widow and the children of the Deceased killed in an accident where the widow also suffered Brain Injury and the Children PTSD.

Tony acted in the Court of Appeal in the leading case of Lawrence v Chief Constable of Staffordshire confirming the rate of interest to be paid on personal injury damages awards.

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What clients say about Tony Hannington

I try to adopt an empathetic but tenacious approach to secure financial security for people who have been seriously injured in an accident and for many spouses and dependent children following the death of their loved one upon who they were financially reliant. My team and I will provide support, advice and assistance from the Inquest right through to the end of the litigation process.