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Each claim is different depending on the circumstances of the mis-sold pension scheme, meaning that the loss suffered as a result will also be different. It is therefore difficult to predict exactly what you can claim, but generally, you will be entitled to be put back into the position you should have been in but for the mis-selling. This can include unearned interest, lost as a result of the inappropriate scheme, or loss of investment opportunities had the pension plan been different.
When a financial product, such as a pension, is mis-sold to you, you must bring a claim against a financial adviser within six years of being sold the product, or within three years of learning it was mis-sold. If your claim involves a pension scheme set up by your employer, or by yourself, you should also lodge your complaint with the Pensions Ombudsman within three years of when the event happened or within three years from when you first knew about it.
If there are unexplained fees as part of your pension scheme, this could mean your adviser broke their code of conduct by not informing you of these. We recommend you talk to our team to see how we can help you in this instance.
If your adviser failed to inform you of any other pension scheme options, and made you feel like you had no other choice, then you may have grounds to bring a claim against them.
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