Your scaphoid bone is situated in your wrist. It is a small bone that you can often injure when falling on an outstretched hand. It is a common injury seen in the young who play sports such as rugby or are involved in other activities such as skateboarding or snowboarding. You can also sustain a scaphoid injury as a result of a car, cycling or motorcycling accident. The scaphoid has a limited blood supply which means that it can be very slow to heal.

When you visit Accident & Emergency with pain in the wrist following an accident or trauma, it is essential that four x-rays are taken. However, that might still not identify the fracture. If there is any doubt that you may have a scaphoid fracture you should be put into a plaster cast and be reviewed in a fracture clinic a couple of weeks later.

Common mistakes at A&E

Common mistakes made at A & E include the following:

  • failure to take the correct x-rays
  • assuming that there is no fracture because it does not show on the initial x-rays
  • failing to immobilise the wrist in a plaster cast when a scaphoid fracture is suspected
  • failing to follow up the patient.

When a scaphoid fracture is not diagnosed and promptly treated, it interferes with the blood supply and can lead to weakness in the wrist, the need for surgery and arthritis.

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