Gynaecology is the branch of medicine that deals with the functions and diseases specific to women and girls, particularly those affecting the reproductive system.

Gynaecological negligence claims can often be the most personal and upsetting of claims, with mistakes arising at the different stages of treatment. These stages can include diagnosis, monitoring, or surgical.

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Gynaecology negligence FAQs

We understand how stressful these situations can be, and the severity of some of the issues that can arise as a result of gynaecology medical negligence. Below, we’ve answered some common FAQs to provide further guidance.

What are some common gynaecology medical negligence injuries?

Below is a list of common gynaecological negligence cases and injuries that our lawyers can advise upon:

  • bladder injuries
  • bowel injuries
  • cervical smear tests errors
  • dilatation and curettage claims
  • ectopic pregnancies errors
  • endometriosis claims
  • failed sterilisation procedures
  • failure to diagnose cancer
  • fallopian tube ruptures
  • fistulas
  • hysterectomy claims
  • incontinence following surgery injury
  • infection resulting in reduced fertility
  • lack of informed consent to gynaecological procedure
  • laparoscopic investigations resulting in injury
  • ovarian cysts
  • oophorectomy errors
  • pelvic floor repair claims
  • perineal tear injuries
  • polycystic ovaries
  • side effects as a result of injected hormone contraception
  • surgical complications resulting in injury
  • termination errors
  • unnecessary hysterectomy following a caesarean section
  • uterus perforation during coil insertions
  • uterus injuries

Am I eligible for a gynaecology medical negligence claim?

Uncertainty around eligibility is common among claimants, which is why it’s important to seek legal advice so you can get a clear idea of your options and next steps. If you’ve suffered any of the above injuries and would like to discuss your situation further, call us on 0808 164 0808 or visit our dedicated contact us page.

What is the time duration to claim medical negligence?

The usual time limit for an individual to bring a medical negligence claim is three years, starting from the date of the supposed negligence, or the date the individual becomes aware of the injury.

Make sure you speak to a legal professional to gain a deeper understanding of the time durations involved in medical negligence gynaecology claims.

Does a misdiagnosed ectopic pregnancy count as gynaecological negligence?

Yes, it does. Ectopic pregnancies are usually discovered towards the eighth week of a pregnancy. If they are left too long, an ectopic pregnancy can cause abdominal pain, damage to surrounding tissue and in severe cases, organ displacement.

Early and accurate diagnoses are crucial to any expecting mother, as the consequences of misdiagnosis could be fatal. If you’ve experienced an ectopic pregnancy that was unfortunately misdiagnosed, call our specialist solicitors today on 0808 164 0808 and we’ll be able to discuss your eligibility for an ectopic pregnancy claim.

Do hysterectomy claims come under medical negligence?

Sometimes it’s necessary for a woman to undergo a hysterectomy procedure, as a result of complications within the reproductive system. However, it could amount to a medical negligence hysterectomy case if a woman has been wrongly encouraged to have the surgery without receiving information about other options.

If you’ve been hurried into having a hysterectomy and you feel as though there was insufficient information regarding your options, contact us today. Our team of solicitors have experience supporting women with hysterectomy compensation claims.

Do you provide legal support for wrongful birth cases in the UK?

If you believe the birth of your child was wrongful (unintended, usually due to medical negligence) then you may be eligible to bring a claim. To prove a wrongful birth, there needs to be two separate claims proven to be true:

  1. There needs to be evidence of medical negligence
  2. There needs to be evidence that the negligence in question has caused a wrongful birth, and had the negligence not taken place, the birth would not have occurred

Can I claim failed sterilisation compensation?

It may be possible for you to claim failed sterilisation compensation if:

  • You haven’t received appropriate guidance for taking precautions after the sterilisation procedure, and have as a result conceived another child
  • The sterilisation procedure has caused internal damage due to negligence during the surgery
  • You haven’t received an assessment to determine your eligibility for sterilisation

In cases of sterilisation negligence, many couples are not made aware of the risks of the procedure, and the fact that it may be ineffective for a length of time following the procedure. If you feel that you may be eligible to claim failed sterilisation compensation, call us on 0808 164 0808 to discuss your options further.

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A gynaecological negligence claim arises as a result of a gynaecologist providing a substandard level of care that has resulted in the patient being left in a worse position. If you would like to discuss making a claim for compensation as a result of gynaecology negligence, please call our team of specialists today on 0808 164 0808. Or, you can request a call back and we will call you.