An individual’s mobility is their freedom and when this is compromised through hip or knee problems, replacement surgery can be the only option. It is therefore hugely damaging to a person’s independence and day to day life when these surgical procedures are carried out negligently.

Compensation claims for surgical errors for hip or knee replacements can take a number of forms. Our clinical and medical negligence lawyers represent a number of patients in this area and have dealt with very serious cases of surgical errors for hip and knee replacements such as:

  • failure to insert the replacement correctly causing leg length discrepancy and other mobility issues
  • damage to surrounding structures such as tissue, cartilage, ligaments and veins
  • failure to use the correct type of material in the replacement
  • failure to provide appropriate follow up care and spot any problems early on
  • failure to deal with post-operative infections
  • failure to fully explain the potential complications of surgery and obtain informed consent.

For individuals undergoing hip and knee replacement surgery, remaining mobile and pain free is a key concern and when the worst happens it can be truly life changing.

The above errors can lead to a number of severe complications ranging from infection, the need for further corrective surgery, and significantly reduced mobility.

In addition to negligent hip or knee replacement surgery compensation claims our lawyers specialise in defective hip replacement compensation claims and defective knee replacement compensation claims. Please review our defective medical product compensation claims pages for further information on defective products.

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