A blow to the head at work can sometimes cause an injury to the brain – a neurological injury. It is known as the hidden disability and often the effects are not obvious. A person is admitted to hospital with a head injury every three minutes in the UK.

Such injuries can have a serious and lasting impact on both the victim and their family, both in their ability to work and in dealing with day to day life.

We understand that the needs of those with a brain injury are serious and complex and as such Lime’s Personal Injury (PI) lawyers who work with brain injured clients handle a lower number of cases in order to give the clients the full time and attention they deserve.

Effects of brain injuries

The effects of brain injuries can range from there being permanent brain damage with catastrophic consequences for the injured victim to one who has subtle cognitive difficulties, such as, memory loss and/or poor concentration, which may cause them real issues.

We fight robustly to secure early payments for financial hardship and assist with the immediate accommodation, equipment and care support needs where it is appropriate.

How a compensation claim can help

In addition to financial compensation our legal team can also assist in terms of employment issues, rehabilitation, home adaptations and in setting up a trust in order to ensure that any benefits are protected or provide assistance for those unable to manage their own financial affairs by assisting with Court of Protection issues.

Time limit to make a claim

An injured person generally has three years from the date of accident to bring a claim, although there are a few exceptions, which our legal team will be able to advise upon.

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