When you send your children to school you trust that they will be in a safe place where they will be cared for. When your child is injured at school it is very worrying and stressful and leaves you wondering whether the accident could have been prevented and what you should do next.

If your child has been injured at school, as a result of fault on the part of the school, our school injury lawyers can help. Call us free on 0808 164 0808, or request a call back and someone from our team will be in touch.

How our school injury lawyers can help your child

Children’s bodies aren’t fully grown, which means the full extent of any injury at school may not be obvious until they are older. This why our team, when seeking compensation, will take into account the impact on your child’s life right now, and in the future. This may include the costs of care, medical treatment and any loss of earnings you might experience in the process.

Our specialists will also support your family with getting the right rehabilitation and medical treatment for your child following their injury.

Please note claims for injuries sustained on school premises are not just limited to children. Anyone who sustains an injury while on school premises whether as an employee or as a visitor may have a claim against the school and should seek legal advice.

What are the types of school accident claims?

School accident claims can be made about accidents that cause an illness or injury to your child. In order for a school accident claim to be successful, the school has to be at fault for the injury. We can provide guidance to you about this.

Below is a list of common school injury claims:

  • Playground injury claims – tripping over, falling from climbing frames, slipping over;
  • Dangerous walkways – corridors or pathways on school premises being unsafe because of spillages or because an outdoor pathway has not been gritted in snow or ice conditions
  • Classroom injury claims – slipping or tripping, injury from faulty furniture, injury caused by lifting heavy objects;
  • School trip injury claims – injury caused while on a school trip under the guardianship of the school staff;
  • School bus accident claims – injury while on board due to faulty seating, or any other faulty equipment. This also applies to minibuses;
  • Being injured after using damaged equipment;
  • Injuries related to physical activity, for example during P.E lessons;
  • Illnesses caused by school food;
  • Injuries caused from being exposed to asbestos while at school.

What to do if your child suffers an injury at school

If you or your child suffers an injury on school premises, it’s important that it is reported to a member of staff. Schools should have a policy in place that states all accidents should be recorded. This will mean that they can properly investigate and try to avoid the same thing happening again. It will also assist with evidence you need for a school injury claim.

If you are able to do so taking photographs of defective equipment or a dangerous pathway for example can be very helpful. You should also keep receipts for any expenses incurred as a consequence of an accident.

School trip injury claims

If your child has sustained an injury on a school trip, the school could still be liable. This could be a trip to the local park, a walk down the road, or even a boarding trip further away somewhere else in the country. Schools must safeguard children as part of their legal duty of care, and inadequate supervision can be one of the most common reasons for an injury to happen and a claim to be brought.

How do I claim compensation for my child’s accident at school?

When a child is under the age of 18 then a claim is started by their parent or guardian. The child is the claimant but an adult has to act on their behalf. That adult is called a “litigation friend”.

Note: If you are partly responsible for your child’s school injury, you will not be able to claim as their litigation friend.

Is there a time limit on school injury claims?

A claim for an accident at school should be made as soon as possible after the incident because after time has elapsed it can be very difficult to trace witnesses and get evidence. In general however personal injury claims must be made within three years from the accident date in order to claim compensation.

There is an exception to this rule in claims against a school if the claimant is a child who was under the age of 18 when they were injured in an accident. In those circumstances the three-year period begins on the date of their 18th birthday.

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In general you have three years from the date of injury or reasonable knowledge of injury to bring a compensation claim. There are some exceptions to this rule for instance where the matter involves a child in which case the child has three years from the date of their 18th birthday to bring a claim, therefore expiring on the individual’s 21st birthday. It is important to speak to a legal team as early as possible to avoid any issues with limitation dates.