Following an injury or illness we find that a primary concern for many of our clients is to ensure that they receive assistance in terms of rehabilitation and future medical care. Rehabilitation is intended to help provide medical treatment to aid the recovery process and can include the provision of additional aids or resources. The aids, resources and treatments are intended to help the individual mentally adjust or to help them recover to a more normal position following the accident, injury or illness.

Rehabilitation can include:

  • counselling
  • physiotherapy
  • specialist or private medical treatment
  • prosthetic limbs

For our catastrophic and seriously injured clients we will investigate their future property needs and ensure that any adjustments, including potentially the need to move home, are included in their compensation claim. Home adaptations generally address many personal needs but should this not be possible then we will look to include moving costs within the claim for financial losses.

It is recognised that an individual who has suffered injury or illness due to the fault of another has the right to choose to have their treatment on a private basis if they wish. In order to recover the costs and expense of private treatment it is essential that the costs sought are reasonable. Seeking private treatment may assist in respect of waiting times and freedom of choice in terms of treatment, location and surgeon.

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