When people sustain serious injuries or experience major trauma, this can have a catastrophic impact on almost every aspect of their day-to-day lives.

This might include their ability to perform daily activities, return to work, look after their families or return to the leisure activities they enjoyed before the accident.

We understand that the most important thing for someone who has sustained serious injuries or major trauma is to be able to return to their quality of life that they had pre-accident. We understand the importance of early access to rehabilitation in terms of the outcomes that patients are able to achieve, in terms of recovering from their injuries and the independence that they are able to regain.

Helping you access rehabilitation after injury

It’s important to understand that rehabilitation does not mean the same thing for everyone.

Everyone’s rehabilitation needs will be different. Our personal injury specialists have a client-focused approach and will work hard to ensure that all of your individual rehabilitation needs are met, and a bespoke programme is put in place for you should you need our assistance following your injury.

We understand that support for your family needs to be considered, and we will make sure this is something we consider when looking at any rehabilitation programme for you.

In addition to helping you navigate dealing with both the NHS and local authorities, we will help secure private funding for rehabilitation at an early stage.

We have experience working with specialist case managers and therapists, to ensure all of our clients’ needs are met. This enables them in some way to return to the maximum level of independence and highest possible quality of life they had before their serious injury or major trauma.

What do serious injury and major trauma rehabilitation programmes include?

The service and assistance that can be provided through our rehabilitation specialists when creating a bespoke rehabilitation programme can include the following:

  • A detailed assessment of your short, medium and long term rehabilitation needs;
  • Access to specialist therapies including physiotherapy, occupational therapy and counselling;
  • Access to unique rehabilitation provisions tailored to you, to support your recovery such as art or music therapy;
  • Advice with respect to dealing with day-to-day issues including assistance with budgeting and benefits advice;
  • Provision of additional assistance to you and your family which may include domestic assistance and assistance with childcare;
  • Working with and signposting you to specialist charities where appropriate.

Our work with rehabilitation after major trauma or serious injury

Case Study 1:

We were instructed at an early stage on behalf of a patient who sustained a significant crush injury to the left leg following a road traffic accident. The injury was extremely serious and required three operations following admission to the QE.

We visited the patient whilst they were still an inpatient at the QE and were able to ensure the instruction of a case manager whilst the patient was still in the QE. This was vital in terms of supporting the patient as we were able to work with the case manager and the wider rehabilitation team to support the patient through discharge into a private rehabilitation pathway. We were also able to subsequently support the client to return home and to subsequently move to single level accommodation. As part of the wider rehabilitation package we were able to secure private physiotherapy and psychotherapy for the client as well as the provision of bespoke orthotics privately.

We were also able to ensure that subsequent grafting procedures were carried out privately thus saving valuable NHS resources. The early intervention and significant support secured helped prevent a surgical amputation, something which there was a significant risk of prior to intervention.

Case Study 2:

We were instructed by a male in their fifties who was injured in a road traffic accident when he was run off the road by a transit van. The patient sustained a serious traumatic brain injury and multiple orthopaedic injuries and was taken to hospital following the accident, where he remained as an inpatient for an extended period of time.

Funding was secured for the instruction of a case manager at a very early stage and following discharge from hospital we were able to put a comprehensive rehabilitation package in place including provision of a support worker to assist the patient with accessing the community, support sessions at a local community centre and private neuro-psychology sessions.

We were also able to provide support to the patient’s family including arranging family sessions to educate them as to living with someone with a brain injury and to help them adjust. We were also able to arrange marriage counselling for the patient and his wife and for support to be provided to their eldest child who wanted to go and live at university.

The matter was subsequently settled for a significant sum.

Case Study 3:

We were instructed by a female in their sixties who was injured when she was pinned against a well by a motor vehicle. The patient was taken to a major trauma centre following the accident where she remained as an inpatient for a substantial time.

The patient sustained multiple orthopaedic injuries including serious injuries to her lower leg which sadly resulted in a surgical lower limb amputation.

We were able to ensure that an INA was carried out at the outset and that a comprehensive rehabilitation programme was consequently put in place, including prosthetics assessments and various therapies, including physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

In terms of prosthetics we were able to secure early input from orthopaedic experts and we were subsequently able to arrange for the patient to be fitted with a microprocessor foot.

We were also able to arrange for the client to be provided with CBT and EMDR at an early stage to assist her following a diagnosis of PTSD as a consequence of the accident.

A significant settlement was subsequently achieved for the patient.

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