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Each claim is different depending on the circumstances of the mis-sold mortgage, meaning that the loss suffered as a result will also be different. It is therefore difficult to predict exactly what you can claim, but generally, you will be entitled to be put back into your pre-mis sold mortgage scheme position. This means that you may be able to reclaim some of the money you lost in the process of taking out the mis-sold mortgage.
When a financial product, such as a mortgage, is mis-sold to you, you must bring a mis-selling claim against a financial adviser within six years of being sold the product, or within three years of learning it was mis-sold. You should also lodge your complaint with the Financial Ombudsman Service, or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, within three years of when the event happened or within three years from when you first knew about it.
If your mortgage completion is set to be after your retirement, and is a longer period than you required, it may be that your adviser has mis-sold you your mortgage. Talk to our team today and we will see how we can help you.
If your adviser urged you to take out an interest-only mortgage, they may have failed to check your suitability for capital repayments. Failing to check a buyer’s suitability goes against the code of conduct, and would be grounds for a negligence claim.

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