Nottingham maternity scandal investigation largest of its kind

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Donna Ockenden, who is the chair of this inquiry, says this will be the largest-ever maternity scandal investigation carried out within the UK. She has stated that over 1,500 families’ cases will be looked at under this investigation.

On Monday 10th July 2023, NUH’s public meeting saw the Chair of Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust “publicly commit to a new relationship with families who have been affected by the trust’s maternity failings” (Nottingham Post).

The new review

Ms Ockenden led the investigation into maternity failings in Shrewsbury and Telford back in 2022, which found that over 200 babies and their mothers may not have passed away had they received better care whilst in hospital.

Over a year later, a new review has been submitted after over 1,200 families contacted the reviews team following deaths of babies and other birth injuries, while under maternity care at Nottingham University Hospital (NUH) NHS Trust. The new review will focus specifically on the Queen’s Medical Centre and City Hospital in Nottingham.

Our thoughts

Our clinical negligence Associate, Michelle Harper, says: “We have witnessed failings in obstetric care for many years, with a failure to put mothers at the centre of the maternity process and a culture of cover-up… It is time that NHS Trusts take accountability and find a way to move forward. I urge those involved in the report to give the brave families the legacy they deserve and ensure that their voices are heard.”

Our Head of Clinical Negligence, Robert Rose, also commented: “I hope those in charge of the review will do everything in their power to make sure families feel comfortable stepping forward… Failings in maternity care have truly devastating consequences and we must act now to help expecting mothers receive the highest standard of care.”

Ms Ockenden’s words

Ms Ockenden said: “As it stands, with our 674 families who have joined the review, I can’t say as the chair we have anywhere near a representative sample of the rich diversity that we know exists in Nottingham” (BBC).

Ms Ockenden wants the new review to ensure women from all communities who have suffered as part of this scandal are contacted and given the confidence to come forwards and share their experiences.

According to the BBC, “NHS England has now written to affected families, confirming cases will be dealt with on an opt-out basis, with families having to opt out of giving consent.”

Get in touch

We urge anyone who has been affected by this news to get in touch with our team. We’ll work with you to understand what’s happened, and can provide necessary advice and guidance. You can call our team free on 0808 164 0808, or request a call back and we will call you.