When things go wrong during pregnancy or birth it can often lead to very serious injures for both mother and baby. We sadly deal with an increasing number of birthing and obstetric claims where an injury could have been avoided or detected earlier, such as:

Claims for injuries to Mum

  • perineal tears
  • fistulas
  • inadequate stitching
  • failure to diagnose serious ante natal issues such as pre-eclampsia and obstetric cholestasis
  • failure to recognise when a baby has stopped growing
  • problems following caesarean section
  • problems following forceps or ventouse delivery
  • failure to offer amniocentesis and subsequent birth of a Downs Syndrome child
  • bladder, bowel or ureter injury during a Gynaecological procedure

Injuries to baby during childbirth claims

If you think that you had a difficult or badly handled labour and delivery or you are not happy with the ante-natal care you received, or if you or your baby have one of the injuries listed above you may have a claim.

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