50 Women Confirmed Suffering Gynaecological Negligence

A surgeon working at the University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Trust may have caused harm to a large number of patients, both at the Royal Derby Hospital and Ripley Hospital.

News reports suggest that colleagues of Mr Daniel Hay, a Consultant Gynaecologist, raised concerns about the standard of care being provided by the surgeon in July 2018 after he took sick leave. An Independent External Investigator has since considered 327 cases involving surgical gynaecological care, obstetrics care and outpatient gynaecological care. As a specialist medical negligence solicitor I find this deeply concerning, especially in light of the findings of the interim report, detailed below.

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Public Trust Board Report

An interim report published by the Trust early during the week commencing Monday 10th May 2021, found there is major concern that 50 women have likely suffered harm. A further 69 women potentially suffered too. 

The report identifies 13 areas of concern, including the following examples of harm:

  • Providing serious invasive and life-changing surgery, without evidence of alternative medical treatment options being trialled
  • Lack of rationale for undertaking laparoscopic surgery, including for endometriosis, sterilisation, removal of ovary, cysts and diagnostic surgery
  • Damage to internal organs / structures during surgical procedures.

Source: bbc.co.uk

Every victim of clinical negligence deserves compensation

It is troubling to read further details of the issues surrounding the standard of care provided to hundreds of women at the Royal Derby Hospital and the Ripley Hospital. 

Some patients may have suffered serious and life changing injuries due to a failure to consider alternative medical treatment options. The full extent of the harm caused to those treated by Mr Hay will not be fully apparent until a full report is published in 2022.

While it is positive that the Trust has offered apologies to some of those who have been harmed, it is important that all patients who have suffered harm are identified and receive compensation for their injuries.

How our team can help

Our experienced clinical negligence solicitors can assist injured patients in ‘group-style’ litigation, including patients injured by Mr Patterson and patients of the Leicester Oral and Maxillofacial Unit. We will provide the support and guidance required to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve, and get any rehabilitation or further assistance needed to aid your recovery.

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