Slips, trips and falls at work are the most common type of workplace accident with approximately 20,000 such accidents each year, caused by the negligence of the employer.

Employers have a duty of care to ensure that the working environment is safe for their employees. In particular that all floors are safe, in a good condition and kept free from obstructions or hazards such as spilt liquids, trailing wires and stray equipment.

Employers should:

  • carry out risk assessments to identify any potential hazards and do everything which is reasonable to prevent accidents from happening
  • provide suitable shoes with high friction, anti-slip soles in certain environments
  • provide suitable clothing if appropriate
  • provide anti-slip mats, painted surfaces or coatings where necessary
  • install handrails in areas where slips and trips are likely
  • provide basic safety training where risks are present
  • identify and repair potholes or other defects
  • frequently check ladders to ensure they are fit for purpose
  • apply salt, sand and grit to treat outside areas under their control in snowy or freezing conditions.

Employees also have a duty to look after their own and others health and safety e.g. if you spill something on the floor then you should arrange for it to be cleaned up immediately and have warning signs placed nearby.

Slips, Trips and Falls can be defined as:

  • Slip – when there is too little friction or grip between footwear and the walking surface
  • Trip – can occur where the foot is suddenly stopped from moving forward
  • Fall – either a fall resulting from a change in the level of the floor such as a pothole or, a fall from height such as the improper use of a ladder.

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