Damage to a lung or the lungs can occur as a result of an accidentmedical negligence or an industrial disease.

Types of lung injuries and illnesses

The most severe type of lung injuries following an accident or illness include:

  • the loss of one of the lungs
  • permanent impairment of function or physical injury to the lung resulting in a reduction of life expectancy
  • damage to the lung that causes a continuing disability

Other lung injuries that can occur as result of an accident or exposure include:

  • a wound to the chest that causes permanent damage to the tissue but thankfully not a long-term effect on lung function
  • a collapsed lung
  • smoke inhalation that causes a temporary loss of function

There are unfortunately many types of respiratory disease that can be caused as a result of an individual’s work environment such as: occupational asthma, asbestos related diseases, silicosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD). Please see our respiratory disease compensation claims pages for further information.

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