Our eyesight is so important to us, meaning an injury affecting your eyesight can have a devastating life long impact upon you. Everyday things we all take for granted may be affected or even lost forever, and it can be a huge challenge to adjust and learn to cope without your normal eyesight.

Nothing can ever truly compensate you for an accident that has damaged your eyesight, but we can fight on your behalf to make sure you are provided with the support and resources you need to help you in your life going forward.

Types of injury to sight

Not all injuries affecting the eyes are so severe as to cause complete blindness, but whatever the injury the effects on you can still be traumatic even if they are temporary rather than permanent. The range of injuries affecting your eyesight can include:

  • complete blindness
  • loss of sight in one eye
  • loss of the eye itself
  • a detached retina (including where successfully repaired through surgery)
  • impaired or reduced vision
  • blurred or double vision
  • increased sensitivity to light
  • trauma to the eye from being directly hit, splashed liquids or fumes.

Accident circumstances that may result in an injury to the eye

Injuries affecting eyesight commonly occur in circumstances such as the following:

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