Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is a long term health condition that causes pain fatigue and can have a huge impact on your life. It could leave you feeling frustrated and misunderstood by loved ones and medical professionals.

You may find it impossible to work, leaving you and your family with money worries. Even non-physical tasks can be a struggle because of the effect it can have on memory and concentration – known as fibro-fog.

If you have developed fibromyalgia after an incident that was someone else’s fault we could help you get the help and support you need to get your life back on track.

What causes fibromyalgia?

What causes the condition isn’t clear and some people develop the condition spontaneously. However, fibromyalgia can be caused by trauma – either emotional or physical. Sometimes relatively minor injuries can trigger it, leaving you feeling frustrated when you just don’t seem to get better and no one understands.

Obtaining a fibromyalgia diagnosis

Obtaining a diagnosis can be a long and frustrating process. Healthcare professionals need to rule out several similar conditions first. Some may be sceptical about the condition, or not understand it fully.

It’s important to get the correct diagnosis as misdiagnosis of fibromyalgia can lead to inappropriate treatment plans and the possibility of accepting significantly less compensation than you are entitled to.

Can a car accident cause fibromyalgia?

Road traffic accidents can trigger the condition and the symptoms can be mistaken for other conditions, like a whiplash injury. If the accident wasn’t your fault you are entitled to claim compensation. It’s important not to settle your claim until your symptoms have been properly investigated and diagnosed as you could accept significantly less compensation than you are entitled to.

Can a car accident make fibromyalgia worse?

Fibromyalgia can also flare up after a car accident. The other side may argue it’s a pre-existing condition which wasn’t caused by the crash. An experienced fibromyalgia solicitor and specialist medical experts can help ensure you’re properly compensated for the deterioration of your condition.

Can I make a personal injury claim for fibromyalgia?

Yes, if you developed the condition, or it got worse, and that was someone else’s fault then you may claim compensation. This is a complex condition and using specialist fibromyalgia lawyer is important. Those without detailed knowledge of the syndrome can agree to compensation settlements that are too low.

In addition to seeking the best possible level of financial compensation, our team will also explore the possibility of rehabilitation.

Fibromyalgia often impacts your job as you may not be able to work, have to reduce your hours or take a less demanding job. Our legal team will help guide you through claiming for all of your losses as well as your pain and suffering.

Why choose Lime Solicitors?

Our expert team offers legal advice to clients across the country and will help you fight to attain the best level of compensation. We’re a law firm, regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, and handle all cases we take on ourselves. We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service and hold Feefo’s Gold Trusted Service award.

Vicky Blodwell

Vicky Blodwell - Specialist Fibromyalgia Compensation Solicitor

Vicky is a fully qualified solicitor and has been practising personal injury law for over 10 years. She specialises in chronic pain claims and has helped many fibromyalgia sufferers claim compensation.

Vicky has a particularly strong emphasis on helping the whole family and making sure that everyone’s needs are accounted for when considering a settlement. She prides herself on being someone clients can depend on and is there when they need her.

My solicitor isn’t listening to me. Can I change?

You may feel like your solicitor does not understand you and is not listening to how affected you are as a result of the accident. This may be because they don’t have the specialist knowledge to deal with your claim. Fibromyalgia cases require a specialist solicitor to act on your behalf.

You have the freedom to choose who handles your claim and can change solicitors at any time. You don’t need to give your solicitor a reason for wanting to change.

If you wish to change solicitor, we would recommend you do so quickly. We will deal with your solicitor to transfer your file, preserving their entitlement to legal costs so there is no charge to you.

Please contact our specialist team on 0808 164 0808 if you are unhappy with your solicitor.

No win, no fee fibromyalgia claims

We will carry out a free assessment of your case and advise whether we can for you under the terms of a no win, no fee agreement.

Free initial consultation

If you would like to discuss making a fibromyalgia personal injury claim as a result of an accident that was not your fault, please contact us for a free initial consultation. You can call us on 0808 164 0808 (freephone) or request a call back and we will call you.