At Lime, we specialise in dealing with car accident compensation claims. The car is a common form of transport in modern society and as such car accidents are unfortunately an everyday occurrence.

Types of car accident can range from minor low impact bumps through to high impact collisions such as head on collisions at speed and motorway pile ups.

The types of injury sustained in car accident collisions can also be wide ranging depending on what vehicles were involved in the incident, the speed the vehicles involved were travelling at, where in the vehicle each person was sitting (driver, front seat passenger, rear seat passengers) and where the vehicles impacted (side, front, rear). Types of injury can be anything from milder whiplash type injuries, concussion and minor fractures through to more catastrophic injuries including: brain injuries, spinal injuries and even death.

Passenger compensation claims

A claim can be made by drivers and passengers whether they are travelling in a private vehicle or a taxi. Each injured passenger may make a claim against the person who was at fault for the collision, even if the person at fault is the driver of the car they were travelling in.

Information to gather to make a car accident compensation claim

When involved in a car accident it is useful if the following information can be obtained:

  • name and address of the negligent driver
  • name and address of the negligent driver’s employer if they are driving a work’s vehicle
  • registration, make and model of the negligent driver’s vehicle
  • negligent driver’s insurance details – name, address, policy number and the name of the policy holder
  • photographs of the damage to the vehicles
  • names and addresses of anyone who witnesses the accident
  • name of the Police officer who took down the details and the accident reference if the Police attended the scene

It does not matter if you have not been able to obtain all of the above information. It will not prevent you from making a car accident claim but it will speed up getting the claim going if you do have this information to hand.


Even if it turns out that the negligent driver did not have any valid motor insurance or they failed to stop at the scene, a claim for compensation can still be made providing the accident was not your fault. Such claims are pursued through a government agency known as the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB), which was specifically set up to compensate victims of these types of accident.

The Police should be contacted immediately if the negligent driver drove off or you believe there is no insurance in place.

In recent years there has been an increase in fraudulent claims and therefore since 1 June 2015 the government requires us to do a check through a website called askCUE PI to see if a Claimant has had any other personal injury claims within the last five years.

RTA Portal

All claims for compensation arising out of road traffic accidents (RTAs) now have to be submitted on an electronic portal direct to the relevant insurers. Providing that we have the negligent driver’s registration number, we can carry out a search which will give us the insurance details.

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