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Thousands of collisions occur every year resulting in serious life changing injuries. Pedestrians, particularly children are among the most vulnerable people on the UK’s roads.

Children are less likely to take care of their own safety and vehicles travelling in an area where children are to be expected, such as close to a school, should proceed with more caution.

Parents and guardians can make a claim on behalf of an injured child younger than 18. In most personal injury cases, an individual has a period of 3 years in which to make a claim. However, a child has until their 21st birthday to pursue a compensation claim.

In personal injury law, the word vehicle refers to cars, motorcycles, bicycles, trucks, buses, trains, trams, ships, boats, ferries and aircraft.

It is accepted that driving a car brings with it a certain risk even though most cars have safety features designed to protect us in all but the worst circumstances. As a pedestrian you are vulnerable as you are at the mercy of other people, you do not have the protection of a vehicle or any safety equipment. Many accidents occur because drivers simply fail to notice pedestrians until it is too late.

Common pedestrian accidents

As a pedestrian you could face danger from a vehicle on the pavement, in the road or at a crossing.

Road traffic accidents (RTAs) are caused by drivers:

  • driving negligently
  • driving too fast
  • driving under the influence of drink or drugs
  • ignoring traffic lights
  • losing control of the vehicle
  • not paying attention
  • driving dangerously

A person hit by a car, even at relatively low speeds, can suffer catastrophic injuries. Tragically, hundreds of pedestrians are killed every year. As the evenings in the autumn and winter become darker, the risk of accidents increases.

It is compulsory for all car drivers to have valid motor car insurance in place. If you or a loved one have been unfortunate to have been involved in an accident where the car driver does not have any insurance or the driver has not stopped (hit and run) then you will still be able to make a compensation claim. There is a government organisation called the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) which has been set up to compensate victims of road traffic accidents (RTA) where the driver is either uninsured or untraced.

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