All employers, by law, have a responsibility to protect their employees from accidents and injuries at work as far as is reasonably practical. They have to make sure the workplace is safe and without risk to health.

Broken or fractured bones are very common injuries suffered by workers in all workplaces, in particular factories, warehouses, construction sites and even offices. If you have sustained a fracture at work you may be able to bring a fracture at work compensation claim.

Impact of a fracture

As well as the pain involved, a fracture can limit mobility and often leave people struggling to work.

In medical terms any type of a cracked, broken or crushed bone is referred to as a fracture.

The most common symptoms of a fractured bone are:

  • swelling and pain
  • grinding sensation in the joint and/or bone
  • bruising
  • restricted movement
  • bent limbs
  • inability to weight bear

Common types of fracture and prognosis

The most common types of a fractured bone include:

  • hairline fracture – a crack in the bone which does not go all the way through the bone
  • simple fracture – a single crack right through the bone
  • compound fracture – the bone is cracked or broken in several places
  • displaced fracture – the broken bone is not aligned as it should be
  • stress fracture – caused over time due to repeated stresses, strain and force

Some fractures will heal in 4 to 6 weeks and some fractures can be very complicated injuries requiring surgery.

Where a fracture involves a joint such as fingers, wrist and knee, there is a risk of developing arthritis in later years.

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