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CICA frequently asked questions

The CICA will not investigate your claim if the following applies:
  • Your accident occurred more than 2 years prior to making a claim;
  • You have not reported your accident to the police;
  • If you reported the accident but have then failed to co-operate with the police;
Awards for pain and suffering are based on a tariff and if your application was successful you would receive: 100% compensation of the Tariff amount for the most serious injury, plus 30% of the Tariff amount for the second most serious injury, plus 15% of the Tariff amount for the third most serious. In addition you may be entitled to loss of earnings and certain special expenses.
We can assist you with filling in the application; assessing any award proposed by the CICA; and assist with an application for a review where an application is rejected or the award is too low. The CICA do not pay for your legal charges, so we could offer to act on a contingency fee basis where a percentage of your award is withheld to pay for your legal costs.
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